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Crete in Winter. Hiking tips and routes

What to do in Crete in winter? To explore the island’s walking and hiking trails! It is one of the best ways to see Cretan outstanding natural beauty. With thousands of kilometers of tracks, walking options are available to suit all levels of fitness and experience.

Useful Information

  • Personal Equipment. You will need full mountaineering gear, though at lower altitudes and amongst the hills, lighter equipment will suffice. It is useful to carry an extra pair of footwear – you will probably need to change them at the end of the walk.
  • Water. Be sure to calculate very carefully the amount of water you need to carry. Avoid drinking from rivers, wells and springs, that are not marked with a sign that says they are safe.
  • Frequently you will encounter on a walk loose and unstable soils underfoot, and watch out for slippery conditions after any sort of rains or mists. Take great care in foggy conditions – the more so in the barren and mountainous parts where the path itself is far from obvious! On areas used for grazing, you are likely to encounter fences: be careful to shut gates behind you. Keep well clear of the country-side dogs (trained to guard), and avoid making moves that might startle or antagonize them. They could bite!
  • Safety on the mountain depends solely on personal judgment, the training and experience of the walker and a correct comprehension of what is and is not possible for that individual.

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